Buffon Concerned With Pelle Fate


mobil109.com – Number one goalkeeper of the Italian national team and also holds the status as captain of the national team that is Gianluigi Buffon, stated that he was quite sympathetic and concerned about what has been accepted by a teammate of compatriot named Graziano Pelle.

Which Buffon himself seen that he is quite concerned with what was in the mounting of the striker who is currently playing in the Champions Shandong Luneng Chinna together, after the name of Pelle streak of the Italian national team in disgrace.

It is calculated ahead of the match between Italy and Macedonia took place in his third round match of Group G of the World Cup 2018 Klualifikasi.

Pelle himself he was officially crossed out from the main squad of Italy on Thursday, October 6th, this is caused because he has done a very foolish act once and very rarely done by any professional football players.

Where the behavior mentioned doing it at a time when Italy face Spain, which at that time Pelle get the confidence to appear as the starting eleven of Gli Azzurri play is not very optimal at all or not in accordance with what is expected, then make Giampiero Ventura as as coach of Italy decide to replace him with another striker Ciro Immobile ie precisely at minute 60.

Felt very upset and not accepted for on the pull out, Pelle did not want or refuse to shake hands with his coach Ventura at the time was on the roadside.

From what has been done it, many have considered that it did not appreciate Ventura.

Therefore it was the highest of the Federation of the Italian Football (FIGC) encourage Ventura to cross out the name of skuatnya Pelle.

“Pelle has made a mistake in not at all unreasonable, why would he do it, looks very disrespectful. I and others felt quite concerned with what was happened to him today, because he is also a part of this team. But all these things the final decision taken by pelaih and our football federation. “Reveal Buffon.

Charmingly Appearance awaits Walcott In Difficult Period


mobil109.com – Penampilan agent Theo Walcott for Arsenal this season is considered good enough. However, Walcott was asked to show his ability better.

Walcott started the season with a very impressive appearance. So far it has five goals which he dedicated to the Gunners from seven appearances in all competitions. The latest two goals he is written off when Arsenal beat Basel 2-0 in the Champions League, held at the Emirates Stadium, Thursday, September 29, 2016, early morning last.

Walcott also be one of the players who join the party goals as the Gunners conquering Chelsea at the end of last week. Playing for 90 minutes, the England international striker scored one goal helped into the goal the Blues.

Walcott slick appearance at the beginning of this season is the focus of one of the legendary players of Manchester United, Roy Keane. The man who currently works as an assistant coach of Ireland as well as a pandit in some media, said that Walcott should maintain their appearance and showed a better ability again.

Keane has come to take the championship title United won seven Premier League was confirmed Walcott and a real test for the new Gunner will begin, when it enters the winter where they will face a very congested fixture list. At the time Arsenal are expected to have difficulty article they are known to have a characteristic game that relies on baits close range as the ball will be difficult driving and weather conditions were very cold and windy. Moreover fitness condition easier downhill.

“Look, he has gone through an incredible weekend, players can take time to relax, trying to appear submarines, seven to nine months at the time of the games that they played a very severe need. And you will definitely highlight certain players in the Gunners squad.

“Arsenal live a good game tonight. At the time they had the ball possession percentage is so great, they were very entertaining game. They even could have scored more goals, “he continued.

“However, matches that will be undertaken in the near future, when the weather is very cold night. I am sure you will see a number of Arsenal players through the game by wearing gloves, “he added.

“I was not going to be lulled by the appearance of Walcott. She still had to do a lot of things. Beautiful goals that he made in the match last night. Simplicity, movement and finishing was good, but he had to keep it for one to two upcoming season, “said Keane.

Bacca was determined to stay at the San Siro

mobil109.com – One of the stars Ac Milan namely Carlos Bacca in the know these days quite intensively in associate with some of the squad as West Ham united and Napoli are in the know quite a desire to be able to recruit former Seviila the transfer market this summer in which to know that both the camp is ready to make up for the player with a fairly mengiurkan.

But the news will leave him the player of the headquarters of AC Milan which her late directly countered by the sticker where his self is immediately denied the issue by revealing that his self is still quite happily with the Rossoneri and the desire to be able to continue with squad Milan.

I have often mendegar will his numerous rumors that I would go from San Rio, but it’s all not true at all in because I still have a lot of targets that have not met with Milan and I still wantid to continue a career with this team “turur the player.

Proving himself the first time he showed AC Milan against Torino. In those games do not play games, Carlos Bacca and scored three goals in their first game and won the game with a notch 3-2 on Vincenzo Montella’s side
Bacca’s own target AC Milan to qualify for the Champions League next season after three consecutive seasons, the Italian giants never again get into the Champions League.

“We started with the intention of doing something correctly and in accordance with the instructions coaches, our goal is Europe, and we have to start well from the first game. Being able to continue my goal to be better in order to bring this team back on track Right as his “Bacca said the sports media.

Top score AC Milan last season, this also explains why he still wants to stay at AC Milan and turned down offers from various clubs in Europe. He insists that he is committed to continue to stay in Milan to meet his promise last season when he first came to Milan that he wants to bring AC Milan returned victorious and feared by the world as before. It should be noted Carlos Bacca last season collecting 18 goals in Serie A from 38 matches with AC Milan. This season ensured he will again become a mainstay of AC Milan in scoring.

Explanation Mou Not Play Mkhitaryan As Starter

mobil109.com – Henrikh MkhitaryanSuporter of camps Manchester United could only be confused and curious at the same time also matters relating Henrikh Mkhitaryan. Mkhitaryan is still not yet become a starter in the season, why?

Armenian attacking midfielder origin bought the club Manchester United from the club Borrusia Dortmund at a price of 26.3 million pounds in the last season. Mkhitaryan played really brilliantly Dortmund after he was still defending a total of 19 goals and 24 assists rendered to the German club.

Mkhitaryan arrival in the United squad is very clearly made all MU fans are so enthusiastic. However, in two competitive matches United soccer player who is now 27 years old it is entered into the reserves.

After the face Leicester City in the Community Shield match, Henrikh who replaced Juan Mata, and replacing Jese Lingard. Later in the inaugural Premier League match against Bournemouth also Mkhitaryan still replaces Juan Mata.

Jose Mourinho responsible options regarding dicadangkannya Henrikh Mkhitaryan. “I watched the game against Leicester tealh and I have read matches and I also think that we still need the speed of Jesse Lingard.

Later in the match against Bournemouth, I think they just want to provide a high pressure alone and there was one of the players like Juan Mata hadri from within to achieve a gap between rows of pressure and it can be very useful for us. And I decided to play Wayne Rooney in two games in a position that is close together and I did not lose Ibrahimovic Micki be a starter.

Some coaches, after they bring in new players, after it was their choice to buy players, the first thing they think of is to protect them and also protect the choices of them. Players who have bought them should play in all the time. But I am not so. The main team, and what I think is best for my team, “said Mourinho in the Manchester Evening News.

In the two matches, Juan Mata and Jesse Lingard is the best option for the team, according to the reality of the Premier League so I must do it the decision. However, Mkhitaryan is one super player and he will be given plenty of opportunity for this season, “said Mou.

In the second week of the League, Manchester United will entertain Southampton stronghold, on Saturday, August 20, 2016 morning later. Do Mkhitaryan will eventually be played by Jose Mourinho in the game later as a starter?

Del Piero Modeling Of Ibrahimovic

mobil109.com – Manchester United striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has a great admiration for the former duet partner at Juventus is Alessandro Del Piero. In one confession to the media in Europe, Ibra assess the Italian players are pantutan figure for him and he will continue to strive to maintain the consistency of his game in order to perform optimally with his new club. Both of these famous figures did meet at Juventus and become a mainstay for printing on the 2004-2006 season, the experience acquired by Ibra from Del Piero is clearly not going to be forgotten and become valuable today.

Ibrahimovic in his comments stated that the quality of a Del Piero really quite remarkable when he was one on one duel against the defender is almost certain he would be able to pass through. One struggle that I remember with former Italian national team player Fabio Capello is the coach of that time as a forward position which had been questioned by the coach, but his effort to earn the trust Capello really quite remarkable. When he was 33 years old hardly crossed my mind that if he was capable of scoring the most goals in Serie A, but at the end of the competition he was able membuktikkannya, he was a great inspiration for me.

Age of Ibra at the moment have entered the 34 year obviously this is not an easy thing for him to perform consistently on all season, but if you see the performance of the players in the last few years then he would still be able to membuktikkan capacity as one of the best strikers the world today. Competition Premier League is a difficult thing to conquer and take a lot of the physical condition of a player, if Ibra is able to keep these problems well then he has a great possibility to bring United to become champions this season.

Gaitan So Players ATM

mobil109.com – The second winner of the highest competition in the world of European football club level, the Champions League 2015/2016 seasons ago, Atletico de Madrid have revealed that they have officially announced the results of their hard work in the transfer window this summer, where they have introduced the latest new signing theirs.

The player is Winger attack flagship property of Benfica FC named Nicolas Gaitan, a team that one city with Los Blancos, the crowded speaks to the media in Spain and Portugal that they have long reached an agreement with Benfica related issues of transfer of midfielder Argentina international who was 28 that year.

But the presence of Gaitan was delayed, which it caused him want to focus in advance to play with the national team of Argentina in the Copa America Centenario.

However, at this time his duties with the team tango at this time has been completed, and he will soon be signed to a contract that is given by Atletico de Madrid and also undergo medical tests with the team bermarkaskan at the Vicente Calderon.

As has been preached by the Spanish media, the care team of the coach Diego Simeone has disbursed 25 million euros to be able to get Nicolas Gaitan.

“Atletico de Madrid berasma with Benfica FC at this time have reached an agreement on the issue of transfer of Nicolas Gaitan. Activities will itself already flew to Madrid and will soon complete will all things with the formalities of transfer from Benfica to Atletico de Madrid FC. “Write a statement of Atletico de Madrid official website through the pages in their possession.

Own activities will officially become a player of Benfica FC in the summer transfer window of 2010, where he have to come with its status as a substitute Angel Di Maria were bought by Real Madrid. During play for Benfica, Gaitan himself had played a match as many as 252 games, and creates 41 pieces of goals.

Hamsik extends contract with Napoli


mobil109.com – One of the attacking midfielder Napoli called Marek Hamsik at yesterday evening showed a sense of loyalty to the club that believed in this time where the evidence kesetiannnya that originated from the trust given by his club Napoli against him so that Marek Hamsik himself was willing to extend new contract with Napoli. Napoli gave the club a new contract until 2020 and Marek Hamsik himself gladly and does not hesitate to immediately accept the offer provided by the club Napoli.

The actual duration of the contract to the club Napoli Marek Hamsik will expire in 2018 means there are still two years away trips Marek Hamsik with Napoli. However, the valuation of the club Napoli will be a player Slovakia midfielder is considered particularly helped his club and always showed perfomanya best so that the club Napoli with no half-hearted directly add his contract again with two more years. Marek Hamsik has a future means journey with Napoli until 2020.

Marek Hamsik as a talented attacking midfielder who was also given the captain’s armband dilengan left the role as a captain in the game of football. With the trust given to him then Hamsik Napoli itself also will provide the best for his club with proven skills and capabilities within him. He will not let the club Napoli are already sure of himself by adding two more seasons on his contract.

Initially Marek Hamsik itself is already giving signs of loyalty to Napoli this will last until a long time and so are Napoli also think so then when Napoli opened the voting for Hamsik, he is also very happy to be the addition of a new contract and finally Napoli also directly proclaim it in the mass media official Marek Hamsik signed a contract until 2020. Marek Hamsik say a big thank you to Napoli who already give it a chance to fight for the future until 2020.

Roberto Martinez: Glad Named As coach Belgium


mobil109.com – Regarding the intro session which was held in Brussels, Roberto Martinez spoke and mentioned the feeling of happiness was able appointed as manager of the National Team Belgium earlier this week. Former Everton architect admitted that he was very ready to bring the Red Devils- nicknamed the Belgian in the qualifying round at the World Cup tournament in 2018 and he was planning to take his squad to qualify for the finals which will take place in Russia in 2018.

He also helped provide questions to the media about the young players of the National Team Belgium which he believes have the potential was great for mastering various competitions as they go for the next few years, especially with the quality possessed by players such as Romelu Lukaku, Kevin de Bruyne, Eden Hazard and Thibaut Courtois.

“I take this opportunity to become a Belgian national team coach is very dear to miss. And I have to say many thanks to the Belgian football federation, who have trusted me to handle the national team in the period be some years in the future. Pleased to be taking part in the Belgian national team squad, “said Martinez told the media.

“I’ve been working with several Belgian nationality players, and affection are very interested in the style of football which is owned by Belgium. I feel quite happy to be a pilatih one of the best national team in the world, and I will make sure that we are able to achieve the best performance with the composition of the players in the first team squad at the moment, “he continued.

“Will I still lose football games attacked? Of course he is, especially with the players we have with the game’s characters aggressive in attack us, but of course, we were not going to lose focus on manjaga our defense in every game we lakoni. Akraktif football game would be very entertaining, but we also desperately need a win in every game. And I look forward to all not to feel pressured by all the targets assigned to them. Especially with all the criticism given by the public to us, “he explained.

“All our players have the talent so extraordinary on the field, and be some of them have passed the stage of development and is ready to return to play and focus on faces some games that we look forward to,” chatter.

The first task Martinez as manager of Belgium will himself through the face of the Spanish National Team in a friendly match which will take place on September 1, 2016.

Community Shield 2016-17 will take place this weekend


mobil109.com – This weekend at Wembley Stadium traditional games as a sign of the opening of the new Premier League season gets under way, the Community Shield is a match between the winners of the Premier League with defending FA Cup season pass, in that it will meet Leicester City with Manchester United.

Community Shield formerly known as the Charity Shield will take effect on 7 August 2016 weekend tomorrow exactly at 22:00 am, this is part of a longer trip history of the Community Shield that has reached edition to 94, throughout the history of this club The Foxes is the second time they are involved, they are involved earlier in 1971 and won the match with the score 1-0 on Whitworth.

For Manchester United event race for trophy Community Shield has become ‘food’ their subscriptions for a long time, recorded the ‘Red Devils’ have been diving 29 times this prestigious event and win it for 20 times, the last one they won this event was in 2013 and the end of an era Sir Alex Ferguson’s leadership.

Dilaga last season through the two teams played a 1-1 draw with the final result, is Anthony Martial first opened the scoring for Manchester United before Wes Morgan captain Foxes give an answer within 9 minutes later after lagging behind, but in this meeting both teams already are in a different format in the 2016-17 edition format.

It is the Community Shield both be executed Jose Mourinho in two successive seasons, last season Mourinho led Chelsea as the Premier League champions in 2015 this time the Portuguese coach nicknamed The Special One will lead Manchester United as champions of the FA Cup last season brainchild of Louis Van Gaal.

For Claudio Ranieri this is the first game in the Community Shield, the second action squad awaited the audience of football around the world, this is an official match Manchester United’s first with a new coach and new faces such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Eric Bailly and Henrikh Mkhitaryan, was dikubu the Claudio champion will fight with a different squad to the squad successfully Foxes last season.

N’Golo which provide many Kante midfielder role for the successful line of Si Fox has gone, instead brought some new names like Ahmed Musa, Bartosz Kapusta, Nampalys Mendy, the Italy coach has only a grace period of one week ahead of the first competitive game of this encounter for future prepared.

The referee leaders of the match which will take place at London’s Wembley Stadium was already appointed, is Craig Pawson, who led the last match between Leicester City with a Manchester United season passing by chance and fortuitous elected to oversee this game.

“I am personally very happy with these two teams, they are a team who play very disciplined and really complain of physical strength and strategy, without much to do diving and tricks cheap, they played with skill as a professional player in fact, I am pleased to be able led the fight for my second volume of this “says Pawson.

ICC 2016 is still ongoing Inter beat Bayern Munchen


mobil109.com – friendly match preseason titled International Champions Cup is taking place today involves many big clubs, the annual event is still divided into various zones starting zones Australia, China, the United States and Europe, for Zone of China and Australia fixture has ended left zone is now the United States and Europe where new scheldule will expire on 13 August 2016 local time.

Inter Milan continued to show less friendly results in a preseason game for the second time when they come back undefeated, first dilaga Roberto Mancini forces should recognize the benefits of Paris St-Germain with a whopping score of 1-3 (24 July 2016), early this morning back Mancini and antek- anteknya humiliated Bayern Munich with a 1-4 defeat already.

Taking place at the Stadium, Bank of America, Charlotte Bayern Munich, led by former success coach Real Madrid Carlo Ancelotti successfully achieved the victory despite only played six core players, Munchen which has many armada positioned midfielder who can also act as an executable goal successfully breaking goalkeeper Samir Handanovic for 4 times and all of which occurred first half.

Julian Green made it a hat-trick in a match where the tri goal of it created each dimenit to 7, 30, 35, while Franck Ribery contributed one goal dimenit to 12, only one goal in reply to the Nerazzurri just emerged from Mauro Icardi when ahead after the game cooperation established Carlo Ancelotti squad looks solid when combined core and new players are seen soluble blend.

Goal first was started with the cooperation of harmony between Franck Ribery and David Alaba who then give feedback ripe to Julian Green, a goal both of Ribery created when the feed comes from Fabian Benko, goal third starts off a counterattack in which Julian Green eventually managed to beat Samir Handanovic, occurs when Rafinha fourth goal this time as a feeder for Julian Green.

Look at all that the defense line built Mancini very fragile in this game, they are very easily penetrated and dikadalin by the forwards and midfielders Die Roten, the second half the game a bit impartial when Ancelotti also not look too pursue the goal again, goal reply created dimenit end Munchen due to errors in the ball defender who successfully captured the Argentine striker Mauro Icardi who then makes Tom Starke did not move.

Will Roberto Mancini comfortable running competition in the new Serie A season later with the preparation of the current squad? still the talk and many people are now also doubts that Inter Milan will shine the upcoming 2016-17 season, while Bayern Munich were held to a draw the first dilaga Ac Milan is forecast to be fine with the new coach Carlo Ancelotti and continue the success of the upcoming season.